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Patients as Consumers, are Changing the Health Care Industry

Companies’ investment in customer experience activities, undoubtedly increases customer satisfaction while helping to retain employees and save money in the long run. In the healthcare sector, new digital tools, as well as artificial intelligence (AI), give healthcare industry a great boost to attract, retain patients-customers and beyond.

Although information about these technologies is readily available, only 44% of businesses plan to implement customer experience-focused strategies in 2023, according to research conducted by SuperOffice.

Today’s consumers

Customer experience is not a trend, it is a requirement. Today’s consumers are increasingly accustomed to companies prioritizing convenience and experience, which leads them to have increasingly high expectations for healthcare providers.

According to Hubspot, more than 90% of service teams say customers have higher expectations than ever before and that the competence of a physician. To adopt new technologies for the convenience of patients, is now a reflection of his medical expertise and business awareness.

In general, companies that prioritize customer experience will likely be able to retain their customers. Investing in a personalized internet technology (IT) infrastructure can help them do this. IT management tools can help businesses achieve growth by integrating technology with its philosophy brand and user experience. It is worth noting that 84% of companies that improved their customer experience saw an increase in revenue, and 79% of companies achieved cost savings.

Why is customer experience critical? The reputation of your practice can be spread by word of mouth, through social media posts and reviews, reaching thousands of social media users. A single excellent customer experience can boost your reputation and a bad experience can bring losses.

The technological revolution

There are many more technological solutions available to support a business. Healthcare providers will need to adopt a “digital health-first” mentality if they want to increase productivity and improve their patient experience.

Technological advances in healthcare can drastically improve the patient experience, reduce clinicians’ burnout, and overall costs. However, 74% of companies fail to complete the modernization processes of the old system, according to research firm Advanced.

That said, it’s time to abandon handwritten appointment books and introduce a new, automated system that reduces waiting times, displays available times, and offers up-to-date medical records at the touch of a button. The adoption of an automated model, using technology, has the power to save time, money and offer better service to the practice.

Customer experience

It is a fact that consumers will now proceed to a purchase with greater hesitation. Given this, doctors who offer cosmetic surgery or dentistry services, for example, should think about how to communicate them to their clients. Providing a positive experience from start to finish is a great way to ensure their fidelity.

The provision of medical services tends to be more conservative than other practices now faced by consumers. Doctors should prioritizecustomer service in  order to compete with other businesses that are more sophisticated in this field. In addition, in addition to knowledge of competition, it is important to pay attention to existing customers. Failure to maintain them is one of the biggest missed growth opportunities, affecting 95% of EU customers companies today. Most of next year’s revenue comes from current patients, not patients earned during the growth period.

Using technology is different from having real knowledge and empathy to provide an exceptional patient experience in an automated way. All the necessary tools are in your hands…

Medical Manage

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