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Just think how much better off all of us would be in life if we listened more, no, make that just plain listened.

How many times during a conversation did you miss out on some important points because you were formulating a reply to something you just heard and missed everything said after that.

Happens a lot. In life this is embarrassing, in sales it is tragic.

Selling is a conversation between you and your customer whereby you find out the needs of that customer, agree with those needs, and supply the benefits of the features of your product or service to answer those needs.

How can you do this if you do not listen?

Through my career the one glaring mistake I made and observed from other salespeople was the inability to listen. Observing salespeople I trained and accompanied I was amazed at their lack of ability to listen.

So many areas to pursue were overlooked, and even more importantly openings to get the order missed.

Why, because of not listening. Many times I would say to my customers; “Not only did I hear what you said, I also listened”. They responded to that. They would pause no matter where in the sale we were and let me know they were aware of what I said by sometimes nodding or just making eye contact with me.

We bonded. It showed me we were both on the same page. It let the customer know I knew what they were talking about. I was listening.

To be a good parent we should listen to our children.

To be a good juror we should listen to the evidence.

There are countless examples we could all cite where we realized we should have listened more.

To be a salesperson first and foremost we should listen. We know what we know and what we want to say, but we do not know what the customer is thinking unless we listen to what he or she is saying.

Try practicing this with your customers and anyone else in life you come in contact with. Believe me you will be the better for it.

1. Listen

2. Do not interrupt for any reason.

3. Let the customer finish getting a complete thought out before you comment.

4. Listen with your ears, eyes and body language focused on the customer. A slight smile and nod wouldn’t hurt.

You can not sell someone unless you first discover what they want and need.

The way to do that is to ask the proper questions and listen to the reply. Most times if you asked the right questions and listen to the customers’ reply, the customer will tell you what they want and how to satisfy their needs.

So listen, listen in sales, listen in life, and you will be surprised how much easier things get accomplished!


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