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Business Telephone Etiquette Tips

Twenty Business Telephone Etiquette Tips

Many of these tips are common sense yet…

Common sense is not always very common!

1. Make sure you speak clearly and are smiling as you answer the phone; also identify yourself.

2. Before placing a caller on hold, ask their permission first and thank them.

3. It is better to return a call than to keep someone on hold too long.

If the phone rings back to you, you’ve kept them on hold too long.

4. Do not forget to return the call as you promised.

5. Do not permit the phone to ring more than three times.

6. Always use a pleasant, congenial and friendly tone.

7. Never interrupt the person while he/she is talking to you.

8. Never engage in an argument with a caller.

9. Do not handle an unhappy caller’s concern openly at the front counter.

10. Do not make it a habit of receiving personal calls at work.


11. Do not answer the phone if you are eating or chewing gum.

12. Do not give the impression that you are rushed.

It is better to return the call when you can give the person the time they need to handle the reason for their call.

13. Learn how to handle several callers simultaneously with ease and grace.

14. Return calls promptly that have been left on voice mail and ansafones.

15. Always get the best number (and an alternate) and the best time to have a call returned to the caller, especially if a manager or another team member must return the call.

16. Do not ever leave a message with someone else or voice mail regarding details of a overdue account. Instead, leave a message asking the person to return the call.

17. Always make “Account Collection” calls in private and away from the patient flow or public areas.

18. If possible, provide a telephone for patients/customers/clients to use.

An area providing privacy is preferred.

19. Do not call a patient, customer or client’s home before 8:00AM or after 9:00PM, unless they’ve given you permission to do so.

20. When hanging up the phone, make sure the caller or person called hangs up first if the phone is slammed on the receiver.

Otherwise, always hang up the phone, gently.


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