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About Us

As a communications company, we connect pharmacists, health professionals, pharmacy consumers and health companies, creating better opportunities for everyone.

Who We Are

CHARAMI SA is a publications and communications company specialized in the health sector. We continually grow by investing in innovative product and services that address our market needs.

Our Audience

We communicate with pharmacists, physicians and other health professionals to help them operate successfully and grow their business.

We also communicate with consumers interested in health, beauty and well-being, by distributing scientific advice from pharmacists and other health professionals to the entire family.

Our Unique Value Proposition

By engaging powerful content marketing techniques through multiple communication channels to targeted audiences, combined with our experience and deep market knowledge, CHARAMI SA is positioned to become your unique partner that can ensure integrated and efficient communication to health professionals and pharmacy consumers for business success.

Our Vision

With great respect to the scientific role of the health professionals, our vision is to provide added value to help them improve their business and consequently improve the life of their patients.

Our Mission

Every day, we utilize our content and expertise to efficiently empower your communication.

Our Values

Trust: We always act with professional ethics, integrity, respect, openness and transparency.

We build long-term trusting relationships with our clients and partners.

Client Focus: Every day, we passionately try for client excellence, paying attention to every detail.

Our goal is to help our client succeed – so that we all win.

Team Work: We all work together – clients, partners, societies, private and public organizations – for the benefit of all.

Innovative Initiative: We offer added value through innovative, well planned and executed initiatives, being solely accountable for the result.

If we are not successful at first, we take decisive action and learn from our experience.

34 Alimou St – 174 55 Alimos – Greece
T. +30 210 984 3274 – F. +30 211 800 5575

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